Tyre & Wheel Alignments Brendale

Looking for a tyre or wheel alignment? Or a wheel balance in Brendale? Our mechanics can take care of it for you.

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Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

You can usually tell if you need a wheel alignment from your steering. If you’re travelling on a flat, straight road and your steering wheel pulls to one side — your alignment is likely out. If the steering wheel feels loose or shaky, that’s also a concern. Another surefire sign is if your tyres are wearing unevenly.

Why Your Wheel Alignment Is So Important

Uneven wear on your tyres or a wheel alignment that is out can cause concern for safety on the road. Your wheel alignment needs to be straight to ensure safety on the road for you and others, and to keep your tyres in a good condition. So, it’s also important to ensure you’re keeping your tyres at their ideal pressure to ensure even wear and a safe amount of tread.

Tyre & Wheel Alignments Brendale