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Your car’s steering and suspension is so important, both for the quality of driving and your safety on the road. Our Brendale mechanics are experienced in steering and suspension servicing.

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Signs You Need Your Suspension Or Steering Checked

It’s important to have your suspension checked at every 20,000km, even if you’re not noticing any issues. That’s roughly every second car service (depending on your car and driving). There are other signs you’ll need to get it checked though. The most obvious is an unpleasant driving experience: bouncing, difficulty handling the steering, or feeling potholes more than usual.


Shaking When Braking


Vibrating or Clunking Noises


Car Pulling To One Side On Flat Road

Why Your Steering & Suspension Is So Important

Firstly, your suspension is so important for comfort while you’re driving — particularly on longer trips. Suspension is what stops your car from feeling every tiny bump in the road. As well as that though, it’s fairly important for your on-road safety too. Your suspensions kind of communicates with your steering, your brakes, and ensures the responsiveness of these systems. So, if your suspension isn’t up to par, it’s affecting the rest of your car’s systems as well.