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Looking at buying a second hand car? You need a pre-purchase inspection, for peace of mind and to avoid wasting money.


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Make an Informed Decision


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Why get a pre-purchase inspection?

When you’re purchasing a car, particularly a second hand car, you want to know that it’s mechanically sound, safe to drive, and worth the price you’re about to pay. Sometimes it can be tricky to see issues with a car just by looking under the hood. Having a mechanic complete a pre-purchase inspection empowers you with the knowledge you need.

Avoid buying a lemon

There’s nothing worse than spending thousands on a second hand car, only to find out it needs a serious, costly repair. We’ll create a full report so you know exactly what you’re looking at with the car.

Negotiate on price

Having a pre-purchase inspection completed can give you the knowledge you need to effectively negotiate the price of the car.

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What we’ll look for in a pre-purchase inspection

Your mechanic will inspect the car fully, looking for any issues within the car’s structure, interior, exterior, or engine. It means we’ll look for issues like rust, issues in the underbody, and air conditioner. And, of course issues in the engine or driving experience, such as steering or suspension, fluids, radiators, or electrical systems.

Pre-purchase Inspection Autocare Brendale