Car Diagnostics Brisbane

Is your car experiencing an issue, such as a strange sound, a bad vibration, or something else that’s out of the ordinary? Our experienced mechanics can inspect and find the issue.

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Car Fault Diagnosis

Experienced in mechanical servicing and repairs, our mechanics can inspect and diagnose issues with your car. Whether it’s a strange sound or feeling, a smell, a squeak, or anything else out of the ordinary, we can help. When we inspect your car, we’ll contact you once we’ve found the issue. Your mechanic will explain the issue, how we’ll repair it, and what that’ll cost you. We’re always transparent about the urgency of the repair too.

Car Fault Diagnostics

Scan Tool Diagnosis Tests

In newer car models, you might receive an error code or an unfamiliar light on your dashboard to indicate an issue with your car. Our mechanics will inspect your car fully, ensuring there’s no obvious breaks or damage. Then we’ll run a car diagnostics test using modern scan tools. Scanners communicate with your car’s computer system to detect errors or issues.

Mobile Mechanics & Breakdown Services

If it isn’t realistic for you to get your car down to our workshop, that’s okay! We’re equipped with mobile mechanic equipment so we can come out to you. We’ll bring our car diagnostic scanning tools with us as well as anything we’ll need to repair your car for you.