Car Air Conditioner Service

One of the most neglected systems in cars world-wide is your car’s air conditioner. These actually need to be serviced every two years — but often go without for years and years.

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Why You Need To Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

If your car’s air conditioner isn’t running optimally, you may need an air conditioner service, or it may need to be regassed. But, even if you’re not noticing any issues with the system — it’s essential to service it at least every two years. Firstly, servicing your air conditioner is similar to servicing your car — it prevents costly future breaks and saves you money long term.

Secondly, servicing car air conditioners prevents car flu. Car flu is where you experience cold or flu symptoms while driving, as a result of the bacteria on the air con filters. These can also cause terrible smells to come out of your air conditioner vents.

Air Conditioning Servicing

What do we do for a car air conditioner service?

We’ll check out the system generally, looking for any leaks or breaks. Then, we’ll clean the condenser, inspect the pulleys and drive belts, and we’ll ensure all hoses and components are in perfect working order. Our mechanics will ensure the filters are clean, the refrigerant oil is topped up, and then we’ll ensure the condenser is reaching the correct temperature. Air conditioner services keep your system running at its best.